Thicket Discreet Water Pipe


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Hidden in plain sight

Water pipe disguised as a thermos

Contains a percolator

Comes with a glass smoking bowl

Just add water!

Hidden compartment for all smoking accessories

Can be used with oils, herb, tobacco, and concentrates


Hideaway your secret obsession with herb from pesky neighbors and annoying family members with this all-in-one dual bong and dab rig that sports a built-in percolator! This discreet bong disguised as a thermos comes with a glass bowl, glass stem, percolator pipe and storage container. To use, simply pull the white knob, pull the cap on the top to reveal the glass pipe, grab the glass bowl and neck from the canister attached to the bottom, add water to the top and voila! Your own portable water pipe with built in percolation system!


Green, Red


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