SOC Peak Portable Enail


Glass Attachment
Carb Cap
Atomizer Cover
(3) Ceramic Bowls (one pre-installed)
(3) Cotton Swabs
(2)Alcohol Pads
Loading Tool
USB Cable
Wax Container
User Manual

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The SOC Wax Vaporizer features a portable concentrate dab rig that is powered by an integrated 2600mAh battery and offers a simple, easy-to-use single button operation. The device can be disassembled into three different parts: a ceramic atomizer, a base that contains the chip and battery capacity, and a glass section. The glass section can be removed via plug ‘n’ play method from the base for easy cleaning and filling. This device contains an intelligent chipset that efficiently obtains the temperature you need with ease depending on your choice of setting. There are 4 different temperature settings that can be adjusted by clicking on the single firing button three times. Each setting is color-coordinated with a temperature setting depending on how much concentrate you have filled into the chamber. The settings are the following – Blue: 400°F – For small-sized loads, Green: 500°F – For medium-sized loads, Red: 550°F – For large-sized loads, White: 600°F – For extra large-sized loads. The SOC Enail Device also features a “Sesh Peak Mode” which can be activated by double-clicking the power button after you have set the temperature. What the mode does is increase the temperature and extend your session by 15 seconds. This device is set to elevate your vaping experience to a new level!


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