Plenty by Storz and Bickel


1 x Plenty Vaporizer
1 x Filling Chamber
1 x Cooling Coil
1 x Mouthpiece
3 x Normal Screens
1 x Liquid pad
1 x Tubing section (long)
1 x Tubing section (short)
1 x Cleaning brush
1 x Storz and Bickel Grinder
User Manual

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The Storz & Bickel Plenty is a great choice for vaporizer enthusiasts who are typically tied to one spot. It provides some of the best cooled vapor on the market, with excellent flavor and big clouds, thanks to dialed in conduction and convection heating. It’s a great choice for people entering the world of vaporization who want something to pass around the couch, or leave plugged in by their bed, thanks to its automatic shut-off. It’s also the least expensive dry herb vaporizer from Storz & Bickel, if you’re interested in seeing what all the fuss is about with this premium brand.


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