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Twisted and Packwoods have collaborated on bringing their famous wraps onto the market. For years Packwoods has been the highest quality pre-roll blunts in California. Packwoods is known to produce hemp wrap blunts that taste, burn & smell like a traditional tobacco leaf. This wrap is 100% Tobacco Free.

**With the 4 Pack Variety you can expect to receive 2-4 flavors and does not guarantee any specific flavor.


Tobacco Inspired Hemp Wraps Per Pack (Tobacco Free)
Blunt Roller

BIO Glass Tip
Blister Package/Ash Tray/Storage Tray
Unique Foil to be used as a Rolling Tray
Material Information:

Hemp Herbal Wrap
No Tobacco
No Nicotine


Banana Cream, Gushing Grape, Juicy Mango, Natural, Strawberry Vanilla, Sweet


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