Ooze rolling trays medium


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Dj loud1
Tree of life8
Funky fever3
Granny land8
High tide8
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  • 1 x Ooze rolling trays medium

These medium sized rolling trays from OOZE Life are your new go-to surface for rolling up! It functions perfectly while grinding your herb and rolling it up, as an ashtray, and the dope design also makes a great conversation piece. Grab your favorite pack of rolling papers, your favorite strain of filler, and this rolling tray and start making some fat smokes. Made of durable metal with curved edges, these rolling trays are high quality and built to last. Grow your selection of trays with this unique art design, it’s sure to catch the eye! 

  • ·  Dimensions 7.67″ x 10″ (Medium)
  • ·  Durable, Long-Lasting Metal
  • ·  Curved Edges
  • ·  Weight: 0.5 lbs

Available in eleven different killer designs!


Cursed, Dj loud, Eruption, Funky fever, Granny land, High tide, Omega, Tree of life, Universe


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