MVP 2.0 Shine Edition by Innokin



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Features include:
– Variable voltage Function (3.3V -5.0V in .1V increments)
– Variable wattage Function (6W-11W in .5W increments)
– Passthrough Function. You can vape while the device is charging.
– Built-in ohms meter
– Puff counter
– Short circuit protection
– Over discharge protection
– Portable power source for other devices. You can charge other devices from the battery, such as phones and cameras.
– LED battery life indicator. (Green= Fully charged, Yellow= half charged, Red= charge needed)
– 3 click on/off function
– Myriad compatible (510/Ego threading)
– Low voltage warning
– Simple operation. You can easily switch between modes with the simple touch of a button.
– Easy to read LED screen


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