King Palm SLIM 2pk Squeeze and Pop


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Banana Cream140
Berry Terps40
Magic Mint60
Watermelon Wave100
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2 Pack – Holds 1.5 g Each
Real Leaf Rolls
Just Pack it
Tobacco Free, Nicotine Free
Squeeze & Pop to activate flavour
Terpene Infused
100% Natural
King Palm Tip
Zero Glue
Super Slow Burning
King Palm produces the best slow burning natural leaf on the planet. The leaves of King Palm wraps are handpicked from the flowering tree of the Cordia (Borage) family. Each leaf is hand rolled with a pre-installed natural corn husk filter.
King Palm wraps are chemical, preservative, artificial flavor, GMO and glue free which makes them a better quality and cleaner product than other common wraps on the market.
Activate The Flavor Any Time. Simply Squeeze & Pop The Corn Husk Filter On The Top & Bottom. All fusion rolls must be popped twice, squeeze and pop at the tip of the filter to activate one flavor, then squeeze and pop at the top of the filter to activate the other flavor creating a great fusion effect.

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Banana Cream, Berry Terps, Magic Mint, Watermelon Wave


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