Juicy Hemp Terp Enhanced Wraps


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ThumbnailFLAV WRAPStockQuantity 
Blueberry Jam175
Cherry Pie75
Coconut Cream225
Lemon Cake175
Papaya Punch175
Strawberry Sherbert75
Purple Gelato25
Grape Soda175
Pineapple Shake175
Strawberry Shortcake0
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Juicy took their Hemp Wraps and added in Terp Infusion! Terpenes turn on receptors in your brain so you have an enhanced experience.

  • No Tobacco
  • Made¬†from Natural Toasted Hemp
  • Sealed for Guaranteed Freshness
  • 2 Wraps/Pack
  • Sold Individually





Blueberry Jam, Cherry Pie, Coconut Cream, Grape Soda, Lemon Cake, Papaya Punch, Pineapple Shake, Purple Gelato, Strawberry Sherbert, Strawberry Shortcake


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