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2.5%Jewel Mango7
2.5%Jewel Fuji Necktor1
2.5%Jewel Tobacco5
2.5%Blue Raspberry1
2.5%Watermelon Blast118
2.5%Pink Burst50
2.5%Strawberry Lemonade103
2.5%Cotton Carnivale15
2.5%Hawaiian Pog211
5%Jewel Mint0
5%Jewel Mango3
5%Jewel Fuji Necktor0
5%Jewel Tobacco70
5%Blue Raspberry6
5%Watermelon Blast19
5%Pink Burst10
5%Strawberry Lemonade17
5%Cotton Carnivale3
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  • 1 Insta Pod Disposables by Pod Juice
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newest line of disposable vape products with your favorite flavors from Pod Juice. Available in 5% and 2.5% nicotine!


2.5%, 5%


Blue Raspberry, Cotton Carnivale, Hawaiian Pog, Jewel Fuji Necktor, Jewel Mango, Jewel Mint, Jewel Tobacco, Pink Burst, Strawberry Lemonade, Watermelon Blast


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