Hyde X Pod Juice TFN Salt Nic – 30ml


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Blue Razz Cotton Carnival35mg20
Blue Razz Cotton Carnival55mg17
Fuiji Apple Freeze35mg15
Fuiji Apple Freeze55mg18
Jewel Mango Freeze35mg28
Jewel Mango Freeze55mg26
Jewel Mint Ice35mg28
Jewel Mint Ice55mg23
Lemon Bar35mg28
Lemon Bar55mg26
Peach pear freeze35mg23
Peach pear freeze55mg18
Pink Lemonade35mg25
Pink Lemonade55mg23
Strawberry Mango Dragonfruit35mg12
Strawberry Mango Dragonfruit55mg10
Tropical Nectar35mg20
Tropical Nectar55mg18

30ml bottle – Available in 11 different flavors – 35mg and 55mg

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Tropical Nectar – Grasps the light flavors of tropical fruits giving this flavor a nice refreshing flavor.

Strawberry Mango Dragonfruit– Captures the delicious flavors of mango, strawberry and dragonfruit for an exciting and refreshing blend of flavors.

Pink Lemonade– A combination of sweet and sour bringing a refreshing lemonade flavor. The inhale carries heavy notes of tarty lemon, while the exhale gives a smooth sweet sensation.

Pear Peach Freeze– A delightful mix of juicy peach and pear flavors with a hint of menthol to bring the ultimate cooling and flavorful experience.

Lemon Bar– Embodying a delicious sweet lemon dessert flavor that will excite the taste buds.

Jewel Mint Ice– Capturing the amazing flavor of sweet mint enhanced with cooling menthol to bring a refreshing icy sensation to the taste buds.

Jewel Mango Freeze– A blend of juiced mango nectar and cooling menthol to allow a delightful and refreshing experience for the taste buds.

Fuji Apple Freeze– Seizes the sweetness of a crisp apple with notes of menthol to allow a cooling sensation that will excite the taste buds. This flavor feels like biting into a cold crisp apple on a hot summer day.

Blue Razz Cotton Carnival– Featuring the sweet flavor of fluffy cotton candy and blue raspberries blending them into a delicious flavor that will excite the taste buds.


Blue Razz Cotton Carnival, Fuiji Apple Freeze, Jewel Mango Freeze, Jewel Mint Ice, Lemon Bar, Peach pear freeze, Pink Lemonade, Strawberry Mango Dragonfruit, Tropical Nectar


35mg, 55mg


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