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Baked Kookie75
Blazin Cherry150
Grape Ape125
Honey Pot Swirl100
Hydro Lemonade75
Maui Mango125
Pineapple Paradise150
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High Hemp Organic Wraps are the first ever Hemp Herbal Wrap, made from sustainably grown European hemp.

Imported from the Netherlands, this is the best alternative to all the harsh toxic ingredients used in traditional wraps today.

You have the smooth taste of traditional hemp rolling paper with the even, slow burn of a traditional tobacco wrap.

Get the best of both worlds with their patent pending formula. High Hemp Organic Wraps are certified organic, tobacco free, GMO-free, and gluten free.

These measures give their wraps some of the highest purity ratings in the market today.

They have tested positive for low dosages of CBD, which will combine for an “entourage effect” with your legal herbs.

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