Grav Lab Ellipse Ashtray


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Just because an ashtray serves a simple (and dirty) purpose doesn’t mean it can’t be a work of art. Grav successfully adopted this mindset, and the result is the stunning Ellipse Ashtray. The Ellipse Ashtray appears clear from the side, but the mirror backing creates an iridescent effect of shimmering pinks, blues, purples, and yellows looking from the top down. This spectacular ashtray is made from super thick borosilicate glass and has a unique oval shape, where it gets its name. The Grav Ellipse Ashtray features a large groove capable of holding thicker and longer rolled joints, blunts, or cigars. Thermal-resistant and dishwasher friendly, this heavy-duty ashtray is durable and easy to clean, ensuring long-lasting performance. You’ll also feel gifted receiving this 5” x 3” inch ashtray in an elegant blue satin-lined box. Get an accessory that will keep your area clean in magnificent style with the Grav Ellipse Ashtray today!


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