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Package Includes :

  • Box of a total of 8 prebuilt coils.
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The Geek Vape Prebuilt 2-in-1 Coils presents a set of performance-ready pre-coiled designs that eliminate the time-consuming hassle of wire configurations and provide the convenience of exotic ready-built coils. Each pack contains two varieties of coils (a total of 8 prebuilt coils) and one Coil Tool. Please see below for each respective type and the build configuration of each coil types.

Geek Vape Framed Staple Coil 2-in-1 Features:
Framed Staple Twisted Coil

  • (26GA*2 Twisted + 26GA*2)(KA1) + 32GA(N80)
  • 4 Wraps – 0.2ohm – 3mm Diameter

     Framed Staple Fused Clapton Coil

  • [(34GA*5 + 32GA)+26GA*2](KA1) + 32GA(N80)
  • 4 Wraps – 0.25ohm – 3mm Diameter

Geek Vape Fused Clapton Coil 2-in-1 Features:
Fused Clapton Coil

  • 24GA*2(Parallel)(KA1) + 32GA(N80)
  • 6 Wraps – 0.25ohm – 3mm Diameter

Fused Clapton Coil

  • 26GA*3(Parallel)(KA1) + 36GA(N80)
  • 6 Wraps – 0.3ohm – 3mm Diameter

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