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  • 1 Exxus MiCare Cartridge Vaporizer by Exxus Vape
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These two powerhouse companies have come together in a first ever collaboration, for this inventive device, delivering an abundance of dense clouds and refreshing sessions. Incorporating auto draw functionality, LED light indicators, haptic feedback, preheat functionality and 700mAh battery this incredible device is far above the rest. Two boss companies coming together to deliver their patrons with a state-of-the-art, unbelievable device; what else could a vaper want?

The Exxus Micare also in a stunner in the looks department. Coming in six exclusive colors; Rainbow Cobra, Black Cobra, Black White Splatter, Black Green Splatter, Black Red Spatter and Black Rainbow Spatter, be a standout from the crowd with a fashionable, modern device.

Using Cartridges with the Exxus MiCare

This one of a kind device is in a class of its own. Combing Exxus Vape’s stunning, modern construction with SMOK’s top performance technology, the Exxus Micare by Exxus Vape Powered by SMOK ensures nothing less than outstanding sessions. This bad boy employs impressive features such as auto draw functionality, bright LED light indicators, haptic feedback, preheat functionality and a whopping 700mAh battery for endless sessions.

Power On Your MiCare

The Exxus Micare applies a plethora of features including Auto Draw Functionality so a simple inhale gets the device activated, bright LED light indicators, smart technology like haptic feedback, preheat functionality and a powerful 700mAh battery for endless sessions. To get things started, simply press the power button one time to adjust your device to the desired voltage. To start preheat mode, just click the power button two times to begin the cycle. One click ends the cycle.

Your Exxus MiCare’s Battery Life

Bringing you an out of this world device, the Exxus Micare by Exxus Vape Powered by SMOK is an incredible device brought to you by two top mavens, Exxus Vape and SMOK!


Black/Green Splatter, Black/Red Splatter, Black/White Spatter, Retro splatter


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