Concentrated Flavor Shots 15ml


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Cookie Craze14
Blue Razz Ice14
Twelve Steps6
Fin Chop6
Guilty Pleasure17

DIY 15ml Multi-use Flavor Shots

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Audrey– a mouth watering blend of a freshly baked lemon bar with just a pinch of powdered sugar sprinkled on top of each individual square

V.I.P– sweet and sour mix of the sour blue raspberry flavor and on the exhale you are rounded out with the sweet yet tangy gummy flavor.

Guilty Pleasure– plump pears, honeysuckle, and other subtle fruit notes to coincide with the sweetness of the honey that will delight yours taste buds

Fin Chops– refreshing Watermelon, Dragon Fruit, and Melon

Twelve Steps– A delicious apricot and honeydew exhale with a hint of sour to finish it off

Blue Razz Ice– Summery ice cold blue slushie

Churronimo– pairing the sweetness of a vanilla bean ice cream with a delicious churro that’s covered in sweet powdered sugar

Cookie Craze– scrumptious vanilla sugar cookie ice cream sandwich


Flavor Shots

Audrey, VIP, Guilty Pleasure, Fin Chop, Twelve Steps, Blue Razz Ice, Churronimo, Cookie Craze


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