WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Due to current restrictions in New York state we are unable to ship e-liquids within New York state.
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  • $19.99

    The Southern classic that has been warming hearts for centuries is back and it has a bright, fruity addition that is going to be perfect for those family dinners on Sundays in the summertime. 

    Corn bread,Strawberry,pudding
  • $19.99

    Sometimes you wait for the holidays or for a special occasion for someone to give you a piece of freshly homemade cornbread. However, it is not abnormal to suddenly crave some at a random time. It is also not surprising

    Corn bread,Blueberry,pudding
  • $16.99

    Toasty corn bread with delicious caramelized syrup and a hint of vanilla creaminess. Our nicotine salt recipe gives you the same amazing flavor you’ve come to expect from Corn Bread Puddin’, but with a quicker, smoother

    Corn Bread,vanilla
  • $14.99

    Chocolate pudding. Enjoy Country Clouds at a picnic, on a porch or in a darlin’ grass field. No matter where you are, you’ll love it!

    Corn bread,CHOCOLATE,pudding
  • $14.99

    This luscious Lemon Puddin’ Pie by Country Clouds is a comfort dessert at its finest! Taste three layers of citrusy lemon meringue topped off with light and fluffy whipped cream and set in a buttery graham crust.

    Corn bread,lemon,pudding
  • $14.99

    Country Clouds Banana Puddin’ Pie will be your new sweet craving. As a staple dessert in the south, this juice boasts notes of whipped cream exploding with banana pudding flavor, ending off with a crumbly vanilla wafer

    Corn bread,banana,pudding
  • $14.99

    A combination of crispy corn bread layered with sweet vanilla pudding and topped with a dusting of confectioner’s sugar.

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