WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Canna Blast Vape pen Tank


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  • Canna Blast Vape pen Tank

  After months of work, the Canna Blast was designed and perfected by Mig Vapor Skunk Works.

  Our mission was to overcome the problems of cheap tanks that may leave product to waste that cannot be vaped.

The Tank it self is considered disposable, however may be used multiple times. The ceramic mouthpiece  is double sealed, as well as the base. The pyrex glass tank on a mini was incredible to achieve, but we dit it.  We then added a patented ceramic coil system that the medical grade wire was baked inside the ceramic coil. The ceramic we used is a top secret blend that absorbs the thickest of vape oils. Canna-Blast produces a rich tasty vapor that will please you absolutely.

  The most amazing fact of this mini super tank is that it will take your oils virtually to the last drop. 

  Now we perfected a 4.2 volt battery a few years ago for our mig 21 pen style ecig, we decided to use this on our 1.2 ohm mini power house tank and absolutely found perfection. Our Super Battery has a IC chip that helps to maintain the power as high as possible through the entire charge cycle of the battery, making the Canna-Blast Tank what we at Mig Vapor believe is the best vape pen tank atomizer in the world.

   Cheap, this is device, not this one. However if you demand the best quality?...  that this is.

 Not Intented for use with E Juice:By order of The FDA

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Canna Blast Vape pen Tank
   Ship From Buffalo, New York    Same Day Shipping! Package Includes :  Canna Blast Vape pen Tank

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Canna Blast Vape pen Tank (4.99 USD)